Windsurfing on Maui is enjoyed by local families

Windsurfing on Maui is enjoyed by local families and visitors alike. Maui is blessed with steady tradewinds and warm water. On Maui there are only a few beaches where windsurfing is regularly practiced.

Each beach has a unique set of conditions that lend themselves
to different levels of expertise. Each location that is currently utilized on Maui for windsurfing is important in its own way. There are even less beaches where windsurfing is suitable for beginners. Who prefer the calmer water close to shore and the lighter winds in the mornings. Windsurfers have long appreciated the attributes of the different beaches, and know which wind and wave conditions will favor one location over
another.  Windsurfers too are meteorologists, and know changing weather forecasts, marine warnings, and swell predictions. They use this knowledge to better attune themselves to the wind and waves. Windsurfing instructors teach their students the basics, of determining the wind direction and strength, how to select a safe entry point, watching out for divers and other ocean users.
They are instructed on suitable protocol, self rescue, and to
identify hazards. Students will learn about any specific hazards
at particular beaches as instructors share their local knowledge
of the areas.