The ocean can be a deathtrap

The ocean can be a deathtrap for the unwary:

When you have a high-risk ocean environment, mixed with inexperienced people, you have a recipe for disaster. There are many examples of people getting hurt, permanently injured or killed in our ocean waters.

For example, too many people taking their first steps into the ocean have become permanently paralyzed or died a moment later in the shore break, or all the people who have drowned while snorkeling here. There are countless examples of this. Maui’s beaches and coastline are a virtual deathtrap for the unwary. Sadly, on average someone dies in Hawaii’s ocean at a rate of about one a month. Experts conclude that Water safety education should be developed to educate and protect Hawaii’s visitors and residents.

Maui (and the state of Hawaii) has become a very risky place for locals and tourists to enter the ocean:

  • Hawaii is the worst state in the nation for Visitor deaths.
  • Maui beaches have Hawaii’s highest number of spinal injuries
  • Drowning is the leading cause of death for tourists in Hawaii