Minimizing our impact on the Resources.

Minimizing our impact on the Resources

We should do as much as we can to reduce our impact, and we should also do whatever we can to protect the resources.

Self Regulation: means “lead by example”,

  • Voluntarily keeping our groups small,
  • Keep bootie buckets inside the vans.
  • Keep your footprint smaller at the location,
  • Keep a low visual impact.
  • Voluntarily keep your signage within acceptable limits.
  • Instruct every patron, “not to walk on the “Coral”.
  • Teach from a Surfboard, instead of walking on the reef.
  • Do not hang the rash-guards all over the outside of the vehicles.
  • Do not drag the Surfboards across the grass or dunes.
  • Do not leave your gear strewn around or laying on bushes.
  • Do not damage bushes or plants at the beach.
  • Teach etiquette, respect and sharing.
  • Keep the county park rules posted in your vans.

Don’t just say it, Do it! Please implement these measures immediately, we are being watched very closely. And keep reminding your instructors to maintain your standards.