Why Proposed Bill BF129 is bad for Maui

We are against BF129 in its present form. The proposed bill regarding “Concessions and Sponsorships in County parks and Recreational Facilities” is designed to totally commercialize all beach parks and county recreational facilities to the maximum degree. This goes against the stated mission and purpose of the Parks Dept in the Maui County Code that puts recreation and historical uses, and preservation as higher priorities over financial gains.  This Bill (as written), could have a huge impact on our community. It has the potential to change the fundamental nature of community recreation in the County of Maui. This Bill affects everyone who uses our parks and recreational facilities. And it affects people and businesses in the vicinity of the parks and recreational facilities.

This bill is moving forward in the Budget & Finance Committee (not under Parks) so it has escaped the attention of the Parks using community. So far the community and stakeholders are unaware of this pending legislation that can change the face of Maui. This bill basically sells out our parks and recreational facilities to big business, and eliminates local opportunities like little league, and pony league baseball fundraising concessions, and replaces them with corporate sized commercial operators. It allows the sell-off of the naming rights,  to corporations of; ball fields, parks, buildings, beach parks, and pools and more.