Surfers learn to know their limits and act responsibly in the ocean

The Surf Zone is a unique arena where the power of distant storms systems expend their energy on our near shore reefs, in a turbulent and spectacular way. Hawaiian have always appreciated the power of the ocean, and respected the people who knew how to master the waves. Surfing is Man’s way to connect to the power of the Ocean.

Surfing is not instinctively known. It is learned. Many local families have Ohana or an “uncle” who will guide then into the ocean and spend many hours, days and years watching over them. Surfing Schools are where everyone else can go to get the necessary guidance and instruction to make the surf environment safe. Surf instructors will help people to respect the power of the ocean, “never to turn their back”,  learn the movements of the water, rip currents, and the unfolding stages of a wave as it rises over the reef and breaks and spills its energy into the shallow water. Surf instructors are weather watchers and wave forecasters. They are tuned into ocean conditions, tides, WX advisories, and changing local conditions. The make informed judgments of where to surf and when to surf, and how to accommodate all the factors that make surfing enjoyable and safe for their students. Surf instructors are in the water next to their students for the entire lesson, they are directing traffic, and giving feedback to prevent many common mishaps.
They are also watching over the entire break, and managing the
area, to better anticipate any challenges. Instructors are in
the water and instantly available to render assistance to a
student or other member of the public who gets into trouble.
When there is no lifeguard patrolling the beach, the surf
instructor is the next best thing. These instructions are that
difference between enjoying a day at the beach, or a trip to the
hospital. Surf lessons teach the students how to negotiate
traffic in the water. How to wait their turn, respect other
water users, and survive a large wave sweeping through, to keep
their feet off the sea floor, and to enter and exit the water

Surf students will learn to know their limits and act responsibly in the ocean.