Our Island

Our Island:

Maui is an island with 120 miles of coastline, there are approximately 30 miles of beaches. Maui County has about 85 beaches and only a very few of them are lifeguarded. Every beach is different and the weather and ocean conditions can change from one day to another. One of Maui’s biggest assets is its ocean and beaches, but it is also its biggest liability in terms of public risk. The ocean can be deceptively calm one day and could become deadly the next. Experienced watermen and waterwomen know how to spot the difference but many people do not. 

Ocean attraction:

Maui has always been a very popular place for people to go into the ocean, either swimming snorkeling or to enjoy one of Maui’s many other ocean activities. The local population enjoys a range of outdoor activities and the full spectrum of ocean related activities. Whether it is fishing, diving, surfing, canoe, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, kiteboarding, standup paddling, or any of the other myriad of options. And there are always going to be visitors and locals who will are just learning a new water sport for the first time. Each year thousands of people will visit Maui, some will come to participate in the water sports they already love, however many people will be going into the ocean for the very first time in their lives.