Maui’s Ocean Sports

Maui is home to many outdoor activities and ocean sports:

Maui is home to many outdoor sports and ocean related activities. Our environment has produced many outstanding ocean athletes and a home-grown water sports community that has also created a world renowned watersports industry. With hand-shaped surfboards, custom canoes, surf gear, standup boards, sail makers, windsurf brands, and some of the best world’s kite manufacturers all born here and based here on Maui. Our State is most famous for the sports of surfing and outrigger canoeing, but Maui is also a Mecca for scuba, kayaking, standup paddling, windsurfing, and kiteboarding. 

About outdoor recreation:

Outdoor recreation happens in some form from dawn to dusk 7days a week. Many people in Hawaii are participating in or are connected in some way with outdoor recreation, either for their pastime or as their job. As ocean athletes we all try to watch out for each other. And will always assist in an emergency, but many people will also get into trouble in isolated areas or when participating alone. Many victims get into trouble accessing unsuitable locations because they do not know the local areas or conditions.