Maui’s ocean recreation legacy

Ocean Recreation is Maui’s legacy to the world:

The Hawaiian affinity with the ocean has always driven water sports forward. Hawaiians were perhaps the original inventors of ocean recreation, fishing, swimming, canoe racing, canoe surfing, surfing contests, were just a few examples of historical ocean recreation activities. In more modern times, the Hawaiian rebirth of surfing, the invention of the surfing catamaran, the windsurfing revolution, strapped surfing, tow-in surfing, kiteboarding, Standup paddleboarding, and now foil-surfing, are all coming out of Hawaii, and much of this innovation and creativity comes out of Maui. Maui is to water sports what Silicone valley is to computers. Ocean Recreation is Maui’s legacy to the world, and Maui has changed the way the world plays in the ocean.